10x Nation

Empowering a new generation of startup.

10x Nation provides business acceleration training and coaching for exponentially-minded entrepreneurs.

Our world is on the precipice of a major paradigm shift in business.

The age of cumbersome corporate giants is coming to a close. And the age of the agile exponential business is coming online.

The pace and scope of growth in technology has made the status quo model of scarcity-centered business almost completely obsolete.

On the flip side, these ever-accelerating technologies are allowing abundance-minded businesses to do far more with far less.

Embracing exponential practices like cloud computing, crowd-sourcing, and staff-on-demand have allowed a new generation of companies to experience unprecedented growth, scalability, and agility.

But how can embracing these exponential changes affect positive change in your business?

That’s exactly why we created 10x Nation — to answer the burning questions and streamline the process for building an exponential business.

Our founding story.

The ever-accelerating growth of technology has created a new paradigm in business. A paradigm that requires a new way of thinking — exponential thinking.

For entrepreneurs to succeed in this new world, they need to build exponential businesses.

So we set out to create a single platform that provides the tools and strategies to apply exponential thinking to startup.

To help turn 21st century business into a force for good!


A distinguished pedigree.

10x Nation is a member of the Neferology Forge family of companies.

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